Why can’t I pause?

Pausing makes the game easier.  Even going to the Settings was removed during play because it could make the game easier.


Why can’t I save my game?

Like pausing saving also could make the game easier.  A good player can get through previously solved boards very quickly.


Are the boards always the same?

Yes.  The game does not contain any randomness.  The sequence of boards, colors, and timings is always the same.


What does the left column represent?

It represents the colors the square will cycle through and the amount of time that will be spent on each color.  It also tells the amount of extra points for solving the board in that color.


What does the smile mean?

That you solved the board perfectly – the hardest color while the board timer had some green.


Is it possible to solve every board perfectly?

Probably not.  The game was designed so that you have the option to go for an easier color in difficult situations.  Your goal should be to get as close to the perfect score (253) as possible which, sometimes, may mean sacrificing a perfect score in order to get to the next board.


Why is the game so big?

The game is written using Unity which gives the developer a lot of power and excellent tools but produces big results (even for a simple game like this).  That being said, Unity is a good thing!


Is there a new version coming?

Yes.  Based on feedback from early users problems are being fixed and things are being improved.